Entry #1

Flixel Games!

2010-01-06 16:41:28 by SeiferTim2

So, yeah, making a big come-back on Newgrounds... :P
Go check out my 2 new games - both made with Flixel

Blasting Agent - a Project with bitpimp

FlxAdventure - a Solo Project I made for the TIGSource Assemblee: Part 2!

Also, check out the Tile Isle homepagefor more information about our game. You can even get the Soundtrack to Blasting Agent (with a small donation)!

For the curious, go check out my really, really old profile: seifertim.newgrounds.com and the old movies I made :P

Flixel Games!


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2010-01-26 03:34:25

Why don't you PM Tom and see if he can merge your accounts?


2010-03-25 21:18:37

Hope you come back better then ever!